The initiatory way to Peace

Excerpts from book of Sheikh Aly N’Daw "The initiatory way to Peace"

Peace answers a need buried in the inner recesses of the human being. It represents the condition for happiness and self development.

Liberation therapy

Excerpts from book of Sheikh Aly N’Daw "Liberation therapy"

Liberation Therapy is a methodology that fulfils two needs : 1) Heal the individual from the diseases of the soul. 2) Free him from all his mental prisons.

The audacity to live dangerously

Excerpts from the improvised conference of Sheikh Aly N’Daw, 31 December 2012, Pout, Senegal

In fact human beings are always seeking to live in a state of security. Insurances, for instance, confer a feeling of security. The same applies to marriage. Even if there is love, people feel the need to secure it !

Understanding with the heart

Excerpts from the improvised conference of Sheikh Aly N’Daw,16 March 2013, Mauritius

The example of Mulla Nasruddin is a good illustration of this situation. One day he said to his wife: “Oh, if it’s sunny today, I will cultivate the land and if it rains I will gather wood.” So, he has two options for the day. Here he is, adapting reality to his plans!

Divine consciousness and dualistic consciousness

Excerpts from the improvised conference of Sheikh Aly N’Daw, 30 December 2012, Pout, Senegal 

For change to come, it is essential that we really grasp the divine principle of creation - which is, the principle of “the couple.” This means that everything is made up of both the di­vine consciousness and the dualistic consciousness. However, if we are in the dualistic consciousness, we perceive these two states as being contraries or exact opposites of each other. On the other hand, if we are in divine consciousness, we recognise them as forming a couple. Our consciousness awakens when we become aware that both these states of consciousness make one.

The Being and the character

Excerpts from the improvised conference of Sheikh Aly N’Daw, 9 March 2013, Saint Louis, Reunion Island​

We say in liberation therapy that “everyone is their own teaching aid.” Indeed, the teaching aid of Mother Teresa had nothing to do with that of Nelson Mandela. His had nothing to do with that of Muhammad Yunus, which in turn had nothing to do with that of Gandhi, whilst his had nothing to do with the teaching aid of Martin Luther King. It’s not with budgets of billions of euros or dollars that they succeeded in making the world a better place. It’s because they found their true being, a creation of God, a creation of selflessness

Living Sufism today

Excerpts from the public conference of Sheikh Aly N’Daw, 19 March 2011, Reunion Island 

Sufism is known as the esoteric part of Islam. How, then, can we live Sufism in this century? First of all, from a Sufi perspective, I’d say that it is not merely a question of how to live Sufism today, but how to live the esoteric aspect of all other faiths in our times.