The School of Peace and Service

We all attended schools and learned from teachers who taught us to develop our body, reason and intelligence to help us ensure our survival later. The know-how we acquired at school and university, will be the means to do so.

Hence, we are well prepared to ensure our external dignity and honour through the acquisition of suitable accommodation, food, clothing and safety.

While stressing on these external aspects, we enjoy the consideration of others. This is when we can be driven by unfettered greed. We can so easily be tempted to cause harm to others to gain even more, thus forgetting about our true reality.

However, deep within us, lies another reality : our private sphere which consists of our heart, spirit and soul. Our private sphere is regulated by values we have deliberately chosen, values that lead us to wish for humanity what we wish for ourselves. Thus, our private sphere safeguards our inner dignity. 

So, in order to develop our private sphere and to ennoble it, we require another school, another teacher, one who shall lead us on the path of the inner-self.

The International Sufi school's mission responds to this quest and invites you to live the journey of consciousness through the teachings of Master Sheikh Aly N'Daw.