Peace training


Twenty Peacemakers, twenty lives studied by the International Sufi School. Some of them won the Nobel Peace Prize while others, although being less famous, brought moments of real Peace. What is so particular about them?

These Peacemakers, among whom Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Muhammad Yunus, Wiliam Penn, went through similar steps of awakening and experiencing consciousness which enabled them to come out of the common sense of society and reach a global consciousness in which Humanity constitutes one Family.

We came to the conclusion that Nonviolence is a path for each and everyone of us. Thus only can Peace for the benefit of all be established. This Path is open to all of us. It is at everyone's reach.

The training offered at the School of Peace and Service is based on the lives of these Peacemakers and focuses on you. Your own life becomes a pedagogical support.

The first step is nevertheless yours. This is your Choice and calls upon your responsibility. You are the only one who can choose to tread along this path of inner transformation to consciousness. You shall be the Peace yourself so as  to spread it around you afterwards.

The Peace training that the School offers is free and is mainly in the form of interactive workshops and conferences in our branches worldwide.

Short term training

Themes: the twelve steps of the Initiatory Way to Peace

  • History as a Relational Heritage
  • Liberation Therapy
  • Action/ Reaction
  • Intelligence of the Real
  • Power of Thought
  • Man between Sadness, Anger and Fear 
  • Man between the Inferiority and Superiority Complexes
  • Man between Competition and Cooperation
  • Forgiveness
  • Economy by Peaceful Means
  • Democracy by Peaceful Means
  • Serving Humanity according to the Prophetic Model


  • Study of one step of the Initiatory Way to Peace
  • Study of the life and the works of Peace Beings
  • Workshop

Middle Term Training


  • Think globally and act locally
  • The four acts of our time
  • Exterior and Inner Freedom
  • Choice, Freedom and Love
  • Spirituality and Human Relations
  • Difference as a basic necessity of Life
  • Conditioning and Deconditioning
  • Management of Feelings
  • Vices and Virtues


  • Revisiting one’s past
  • Living the present moment
  • Realizing one’s ideal
  • The training is essentially interactive and involves active participation on the part of trainees. It is all about exploring and discovering the Initiatory Way of Peace and focusing on what links the eminent personalities who have won world wide recognition by their actions and achievements for the cause of peace, beyond differences in the times they lived, their cultures, religion or sex. This training has an academic orientation as it is based on a comparative and empirical research.

Long term training

The trainee will then experience the Initiatory Way to Peace. He will take the Initiatory Way defined by Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, a way which will take him to different places in Senegal and Mauritania.

The Research Institute for Peace Promotion and the International Sufi School will then hold a ceremony for the award of certificates.

One then becomes a treasure and a blessing for humanity.


A Diploma is awarded to each trainee who has followed one of these courses. The Diploma of “The Servant of Humanity” will be awarded to the individual who has followed the Long Term Training ( a two year program), and who will have worked for four years on a voluntary basis with group or organisation promoting social development and peace. On this occasion, the International Sufi School will organise an award ceremony to which individuals who have worked for the promotion of peace and social development and eminent peace makers will be invited. Mutual experiences will be shared and the ceremony will be marked by festivities.