Liberation therapy

Excerpts from book of Sheikh Aly N’Daw "Liberation therapy"

Liberation Therapy is a methodology that fulfils two needs : 1) Heal the individual from the diseases of the soul. 2) Free him from all his mental prisons.

It aims primarily at triggering an awakening of consciousness in a fundamental way. We all live our adult life on the basis of what we have inherited from our child-hood experiences. The moment this awakening occurs and we identify those child-hood experiences that affect our adult life, we are able, by undertaking this therapy, to free ourselves from the invisible chains that imprison us and enabling us to live happily thereafter.

Liberation Therapy will allow us to discover that our differences make of us intermediaries and we complement one another. It is up to us to accept these existing differences, to make constructive use of them to attain a better quality of life and to acquire happiness. They exist for this purpose. It is up to us to discover that the true wealth of the planet Earth is the human being. Our civilization in the 3rd Millennium must have as its pedestal the Science of the Human Being.