The initiatory way to Peace

Excerpts from book of Sheikh Aly N’Daw "The initiatory way to Peace"

Peace answers a need buried in the inner recesses of the human being. It represents the condition for happiness and self development.

Paradoxically, peace is not a natural, inborn state. When we are born, the whole environment around us welcomes us, be it a family, a country, a specific community with all their values and taboos. Whether we are born in the northern or southern hemisphere, in a distinct economic set up or another, our conditions and lifestyle change and so do our truths. According to circumstances, culture shocks and shocks coming from these truths have an impact on us, transforming some of us into the fierce enemies of others. The meeting of these different truths leads to a relentless battle.

The making of the peacemaker begins with the awakening of consciousness from a historical and familial perspective. Each one of us is indeed the product of these two legacies which constitute our pedagogical support in our progress towards peace.

States and communities have a rooted historical memory. This memory is transmitted from generation to generation and impacts on relationships with others. All human beings born in a specific socio-historical context bear the stigma of this context.

The same applies to our family context which transmits norms and notions considered as truth from a cultural point of view. It is this family context which initiates the child to relationships on the basis of judgement and condemnation that circumstances of his life lead him to have on those who are close to him.

From this experience of conditioning that we all undergo, consciously or unconsciously, we are able to travel along the Initiatory Way to Peace. At the last stage, the trave­ler will have experienced the reality of consciousness. He discovers in this process, creative freedom, the value of a liberating choice, unconditional and universal love. He embodies a peacemaker who is able to propose to the world a true, lasting Peace.