Edimburg, 2010, "Non-violence within, Peace for all"

Friday, 21 May, 2010

The International Sufi School organized an exhibition/conference on the theme “Nonviolence within; Peace for All” at the Barceló Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh from 21 to 23 May 2010 with the collaboration of individuals and organisations working for peace, social cohesion and inter-faith dialogue. The exhibition was an opportunity to discover how nonviolence is a journey that can be taken by every peace seeking individual in order to establish peace for all in society.

Background to the non-violence project : Towards a culture of nonviolence and peace

This international exhibition-conference was part of a global peace initiative for a culture of non violence and its applications to various aspects of contemporary society, namely human, socio-economic, political, educational, cultural, religious and spiritual development. 

Violence is deeply rooted at all levels of modern society. Our world is afflicted by innumerable conflicts and wars, often caused by ethnic, religious, socio-cultural, economic and political factors. As a school of peace, the International Sufi School actively promotes non violence as way out of the endless cycles of violence in which many individuals, communities and nations often find themselves.

Non violence, a powerful alternative to violence

The International Sufi School conducted research in collaboration with the Research Institute of Human and Social Sciences for Peace Promotion on the lives and action of various peacemakers from different centuries and different backgrounds. The exhibition-conference is an initiative to show the power of non violence through the lives and work of eminent peacemakers who chose the path of non violence in situations of extreme violence.

It supports the initiative of the United Nations which declared the first decade of the XXI century “Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for Children of the World (2000-2010)”.

Aims and objectives

  • To present Nonviolence as a way of addressing the challenging problems of violence and unrest in today’s world.
  • To explore the approach of peacemakers in bringing harmony between differences
  • To awaken individual and global consciousness that Nonviolence is a path that is within the reach of all people who are committed to an ideal of peace
  • To engage in dialogue with peace seeking individuals and organisations and further collaboration and partnership in peace promotion

Event website: www.nonviolence-edimbourg.com