The Being and the character

Excerpts from the improvised conference of Sheikh Aly N’Daw, 9 March 2013, Saint Louis, Reunion Island

We say in liberation therapy that “everyone is their own teaching aid.” Indeed, the teaching aid of Mother Teresa had nothing to do with that of Nelson Mandela. His had nothing to do with that of Muhammad Yunus, which in turn had nothing to do with that of Gandhi, whilst his had nothing to do with the teaching aid of Martin Luther King. It’s not with budgets of billions of euros or dollars that they succeeded in making the world a better place. It’s because they found their true being, a creation of God, a creation of selflessness.

The problem of the character and the Being is such that the Being starts from wherever the person or character appears, in accordance with the principle of the couple16. To understand the character, is what leads you to grasp the Being, because the Being and the character together form ONE. But since we separate the Being from the character, we can only perceive characters. They have names and belong to families, races, religions and ethnic groups. They speak in a language that’s not mine so he or she is necessarily a character. They are different from me! That’s where our true problem lies.

The Peacemakers whose lives we’re studying are highly relevant to us. Their experience is within easy reach! That’s the way to make the world a better place. The biggest problem for the human being, however, is to understand and reach this inner comprehension. Change can only come through an inner transformation. The transition from the character to the human being can only come from within. It’s only through this inner outlook that it’s possible to shift from the character to the human being. Otherwise, we’re going to remain characters till our death – it is only in this way the character disappears. On the other hand, the human being never disappears. He is eternal because he is a divine creation.

The entire conference is available  in the book “The Awakening of Consciousness