The awakening of consciousness

​Are we living our true human potential and our real life purpose? How can we go deep within and be the best that we can be? How can we play a conscious part in the advent of an alternative social order which furthers true human development and conscious living?

Sufism Today

Sufism is a science that educates the Human Heart and leads us to the experience of Truth as a reality. It has appealed to Mankind since time immemorial. The resurgence of Spirituality in contemporary society has seen a renewed interest in Sufism over recent decades.

The Quest for Truth

 The Quest for Truth is a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery.

The author, Sheikh Aly N’Daw, invites us to develop a profound understanding of our inherent Being and the factors that can interfere with our original nature. True understanding can only come from the heart. It is only through the profound dimension of the heart that the Being can understand the world of illusion that permeates all aspects of human life. This dimension of understanding is the starting point of the awakening process.

Liberation therapy

Liberation Therapy is a method of re-evaluating the present moment. This small book shows indeed, that our adulthood is invaded by fee- lingsand experiences we lived in our childhood. Thus, we have had no real access to freedom and we wander, puzzled, in the course of our lives, asking ourselves why we should live miserably and why we undergo a feeling of extreme maladjustment and unhappiness that we all promised ourselves to avoid at all costs.

Choice, Liberty and Love - Consciousness in action

​This book introduces the reader to two exceptional men, two impressive figures of nonviolence, namely Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Their unwavering integrity makes both of them supporters of a peace model based on nonviolence. The path they travelled to attain peace required total renouncement in order to reach total inner freedom. They both fulfilled exacting conditions for the attainment of the elevated dimensions of freedom which imply neither to possess nor to be possessed, for such is divine freedom.

Vision for a Peace Society - Economy, equality and justice

What is the possible link between a 18th century follower of Quaker beliefs, an Indian lawyer, a brilliant economist, holder of a chair at the Middle Tennessee State University, a nun of Our Lady of Sion and a Kenyan university lecturer devoted to the preservation of forests? These five remarkable figures of peace share unwavering commitment to the service of humanity, for they know that poverty, injustice at all levels and inequality are tantamount to sheer violence.

The Initiatory Way to Peace

In this peace book, the author, Sheikh Aly N’Daw, invites us to lay the foundations of peace today, for our generation and for future ones. For this there is only one way: to leave the path of resignation and take that of determined nonviolent action.


Global citizenship for global action

Transforming the Historical and Family legacies 


This book explores the lives of five peacemakers. Beyond time, space and gender, they have one common fundamental feature. This common element is their capacity to go beyond the bounds of historical conditioning and common sense inherited from their families to the understanding of the unicity of mankind. Neighbours are brothers; they are reflections and counterparts of the self.