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The one who has a filled tummy always thinks that no one's hungry." SHEIKH DIEYE

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Nonviolence Within, Peace for All Exhibition-Conference was in Paris! View photos here.

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Pout, an Alternative Economy by means of peace

Discover Pout, a village in Senegal where the International Sufi School (ISS) practice nonviolence at a large scale be it through interactions with people or plants and animals. This alternative economy has been established 4 years ago and is the materialization of the study of ISS. Listen to the Head of ISS, Cheikh Aly N'Daw, explain this global approach.


As a School of Peace and Service, the approach of the International Sufi School is geared towards restoring peace at all levels of society by harmonising all human dimensions and faculties: physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual.


Peace for Africa, peace for Humanity

Reseach Institute of Human and social sciences for peace promotion