Vision for a Peace Society - Economy, equality and justice

What is the possible link between a 18th century follower of Quaker beliefs, an Indian lawyer, a brilliant economist, holder of a chair at the Middle Tennessee State University, a nun of Our Lady of Sion and a Kenyan university lecturer devoted to the preservation of forests? These five remarkable figures of peace share unwavering commitment to the service of humanity, for they know that poverty, injustice at all levels and inequality are tantamount to sheer violence. They have all proposed creative actions as solutions and struggled wholeheartedly, with no weapons, to address these problems.

Independently of the awards and prizes they received, the awakening of consciousness among these gures enabled them to be among the most humble people. They were able to put their knowledge, reputation and qualifications at the service of the marginalized and the socially excluded. Their approach enabled them to restore dignity and meaning to the lives of the poor, while discovering their own true purpose in life.

As a matter of fact, they have become undisputed reference models who invite us to follow them. In following their steps, we can give ourselves the means to transform the world. Who would be unwilling to walk on their footsteps? 

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