Sheikh Sidy Ahmed

Sheikh Sidy AhmedSheikh Sidy Ahmed Ibn Ismouhou Deyman also known as “The Wise One of Temerkay” was born in Mauritania. He was an illustrious leader of the Touareg tribe of the Deyman, well-educated and enlightened Mauritanian, well-versed in religious knowledge. He devoted his life to the service of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba of whom he became a humble disciple. Their meeting was as wonderful and determining and of the same nature as that between Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, two great spiritual leaders and perfect examples of Master –Disciple relationship.

The fidelity and love of Sheikh Sidy for the Master was such that it was to him only that Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba gave the supreme trust – a few words noted on a sheet of paper which Sheikh Sidy had to hand over to someone from the country of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba . Sheikh Sidy had to wait for many years, even after his beloved Master had returned to his Lord, for a young man from St Louis to come to him. His name was Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye. He became the one who would actualize the messianic words: “Fifty years after my death, I’ll go and talk to the white people in their own countries”

Sheikh Sidy Ahmed was privileged to bring the universal message of service to humanity with love and compassion (khidma). Khidma which involves man’s actions, for man is basically the Representative of God on Earth, is a must, in times when the planet is subjected to so many ills, resulting in acute problems for our environment and our survival.

Though Sheikh Sidy Ahmed grew up among eminent persons, Ministers and intellectuals yet he lived modestly, satisfied with his daily bread, just sufficient for a ninety-year old man. He was also appreciated for his charismatic virtues of his Talismans or his healing power. His life was a fulfilled one, inspired by the concept of Khidma of the Prophet Muhammad