Sheikh Aly N'Daw, the actual leader

Sheikh Aly N'DawSheikh Aly N'daw was born in Senegal in I950.

He was a student when he met his Spiritual Master, Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye who initiated him to hidden sciences, metaphysics and Sufism. He gave up his profession of Mathematics Lecturer to exile himself in Reunion Island on the orders of his Master and propagated the Bambian philosophy of Peace and Service to Mankind in the Islands of Indian Ocean before traveling to different parts of the world to teach people to become liberated human beings in order to accomplish their mission on earth.

Like his predecessors in the Initiatory Chain of Khidmatul Khaim , he has devoted his life to serve man according to the Prophetic model . He has consolidated the Khidmatul Khadim Internatinal Sufi School whose mission is to serve men without distinction of race, colour or creed. The Master has spared no effort in the edification of Peace Builders around the world , teaching by his example the importance of the choice of any human being “TO BE” IN ORDER “TO HAVE” AND THEN “TO DO” FOR THE WELFARE OF ALL

A firm believer in the principle of Peace, he has laid the foundation for a sound economy to benefit the less fortunate of our society. He urges his disciples to promote inter faith dialogue and to make non violence their creed.

To humanity, he has offered a token of LOVE: LIBERATION THERAPY AND THE INITIATORYWAY TO PEACE whose steps lead any man who makes the choice to incarnate peace and sow the seeds of peace on this terrestrial journey. His message is

“Be Peace to build Peace and serve the whole of humanity”