Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye

Sheikh Abdoulaye DieyeSheikh Abdoulaye Dieye was born in the town of Saint Louis in Senegal in 1938.

By profession, he was a town planner and a landscape architect but above all he was a man of God, a searcher, a writer and a lecturer of international fame. He was a deputy Mayor and a member of the Legislative assembly for he believed in serving the people and moralizing politics for the welfare of man. Sheikh Abdoulaye belonged to the Sufi Order of Muridiyya and was the disciple of the great Deymani Mauritanian Saint Sheikh Sidy Ahmed Ibn Ismouhou who was one of the first disciples of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.

As the spiritual Sufi master of Muridiyya, Sheikh Abdoulaye travelled the world over, bringing the message of truth, love and peace to people of all creeds. He was a member of the organization (Islam and the West) and a staunch believer of interfaith dialogue which he promoted for building bridges of tolerance and harmony among people.

He disseminated the seeds of the Khidmatul Khadim, the school of Peace and Service in the ‘daaras’ or centres of learning which he created in Reunion Island, in Mauritius, England, France, South Africa, Italy, the USA and India. Old and young are trained for discovering their inner selves, finding harmony between the spiritual and the temporal and to serve Humanity as agents of peace.

Sheikh Abdoulaye laid the foundation of the Humanitarian Organisation Third World Family Humanitarian (TFH) which aims at restoring human dignity in the world. Members of this organization are active in giving solace to the underprivileged and implementing social projects for the well being of needy people in different parts of the world by empowering communities to play an active role in shaping their futures.

All the actions of Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye were guided by Love for Humanity and he endeavoured to sow love and compassion in the hearts of man. For him, true religion is the religion of Love. All men, he believed are flowers in the garden of God and must be nurtured with love and compassion. Each one of us has the potential to be a Peace Being and a Peace builder after rediscovering the treasure in our inner most being.