The Muslim New Year

The Muslim New Year has a historical dimension. But the New Year has also a spiritual and social vocation. It’s a new departure for the construction of this city of peace which we dream of. We ask God to realize our noble intentions as He did for the Prophet who built the city of Medina based on solidarity and sharing.

So the Muslim New Year, is here to remind us of our mission as a servant of the Lord and to enable us to renew ourselves through the power of the spirit.

Our intention is to build an economy by means of Peace, which is an economy on the basis of solidarity and sharing, where everyone is an actor. It requires creative thinking in order to bring peace to the world.

We have a God who dream ... the dream of the one who wants something that is not yet here. And therefore, our strength, our power, our confidence and our belief is that, the One behind Whom we dream, when he wants something, He says "Be!" and the thing is.

So no one is better placed than us to dream of what we want to do because we have before us such a Lord, as our Guide, as our only hope …

Let nothing disrupt our dream because the Master of dream will realize it. For this, we must be determined, persevering in our dream, we must be convinced and we must love our dream!

When you love something, you give yourselves completely to this thing. And we, we love our dream in God until we reach the state of extinction in God.

So to live and achieve our dream of peace, we had the idea of creating a center. Today, after a difficult start requiring much effort, the center is here. Now we can verify the scope of what the Lord said, "next to the hardship, there is relief ......"

When we speak of relief, we talk about the harmony between hardship and relief. We can achieve things for eternity even though the start is difficult. This means that the end will be happy because, as the Lord says: "the best end is for those who are pious." The pious are those who will never judge but who persevere! God underlines this in the following terms:

They are beings of peace, who walk the path of peace and when they encounter those who are ignorant, they say "Peace "!

In order to achieve this, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba has created a structure based on the example of what the Prophet achieved in Medina to help us. This structure is the daara. It is a space like the home, the school, the family context, the couple ... we acquire the teachings, we experience the behavior that results from it.

This structure is intended to enable us to transform the baggage received in other structures where we are formed, but it’s on the basis of the 7 evils (competition, complex emotions ...). At the daara, we will work to transform these experiences through the seven virtues. The daara lead to become non-violent.

By embodying nonviolence, we can only accomplish actions of peace.

The Lord is with the dreamers. He said, "even in the most desperate case"...
The Peace Beings have all dreamed in this way. Their words are best indicated to explain the initiatory path to peace, because their life is their teaching!

But beware! We are here to show a teaching, not to try to convince. To those who are convinced by the life of these Beings of peace, those who want to follow their example, the door is wide open!

We came to carry the message of Serigne Touba. For this, everyone must work to know oneself and if one makes the effort to possess nothing and being possessed by nothing, one will see freedom within us ...

Our world is in the fascination of violence that gives the feeling of being able to get everything and yet the results are never conclusive!

Our school shows the other aspect "the fascination of nonviolence."
Who talks about non-violence is with God. No matter which party is the world. Martin Luther King said:

I heard that a man, if he is with God, form a majority.

We need to know how to take the measure of our Lord. This is the real challenge. It is not with a device that we take the measure of the Lord, but with our own person ...