The Initiatory Way to Peace

In this peace book, the author, Sheikh Aly N’Daw, invites us to lay the foundations of peace today, for our generation and for future ones. For this there is only one way: to leave the path of resignation and take that of determined nonviolent action.


The first two chapters invite us to become conscious of our inner dimensions: what we find there is what we have inherited from our history and our family, based on preconceived truths and a debatable common sense. There we will discover what needs to be preserved and what needs to be transformed to enable us to become agents of peace.

Then follows the precious methodology of transformation: there are seven steps to go through, the seven steps of an inner ladder leading to the awakening of consciousness. When this consciousness is awakened, we develop the capacity to transform the emotions linked to our historical and family relationships legacies. Hence we are capable of nonviolent action. This inner nonviolence eventually manifests through the last three stages of the Initiatory Way to Peace. Thus, the outlines of a new society are drawn, on the basis of an economy and democracy of peace, and on the principles of service to others.

These pages are far from being a utopian concept. If peace exists, it can be found in these principles and universal values. This book enables us to believe in our dreams and even encourages us to dream, for only dreams can become realities! This book is a must, so that our future generations may know the Golden Age of Peace. To put its wisdoms into practice is our responsibility today. 

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