Global citizenship for global action

Transforming the Historical and Family legacies 


This book explores the lives of five peacemakers. Beyond time, space and gender, they have one common fundamental feature. This common element is their capacity to go beyond the bounds of historical conditioning and common sense inherited from their families to the understanding of the unicity of mankind. Neighbours are brothers; they are reflections and counterparts of the self.

By discovering significant facets of the characters’ lives, the reader will understand that the greatness of peacemakers lies simply in their awareness that there is no difference among people. Their action emanated from the understanding that beyond factors like social status, skin colour, origin and era, Man has always been and, will forever be, one and same. His fee- ling of hunger, thirst, his fears, tears and hopes are universal. The peacemaker is aware that, to fulfill the needs of others means to ensure one’s own salvation!

The lives of these five peacemakers are examples for all those who wish to attain universal consciousness. To all those who believe that the vicissitudes of history and hereditary prejudices are mere illusion, these pages propose nonviolence as the only solution for lasting results. 



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