The awakening of consciousness

​Are we living our true human potential and our real life purpose? How can we go deep within and be the best that we can be? How can we play a conscious part in the advent of an alternative social order which furthers true human development and conscious living?

Through this short series of talks, Sheikh Aly N’Daw invites us to experience the path of self-discovery and reflection about who we truly are. He encourages us to meditate deeply on how we perceive ourselves, how we think, feel and interact with other fellow human beings. His profound and powerful words help us to understand how our character, which we can often take for our true selves, is shaped by a multitude of factors right from an early age. Our history, together with our family environment, socio-cultural and economic background, the values and beliefs we are exposed to, all infuence our character, personality and our roles in society.

Sheikh Aly N’Daw’s approach is revolutionary. His distinctive style gradually takes the reader into a heartfelt exploration of the faculties of reasoning and logic and their impact on the reality we create. He invites us to discover how we can harness our heart intelligence in order to gain experiential knowledge and reach the state of Being, a prerequisite for conscious and inspired action.

His words, subtle, yet stimulating, almost inevitably create a sense of awareness and a pressing need to engage with one’s individual responsibility to establish an alternative social order where the Human Being can rediscover his inherent splendour and true role as a conscious vicegerent of this plane.  

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